Totems Metaversal Uitility coin

Holding $CTZN grants you premier access to
Totem’s identity, dashboard, and OS exclusive.

Here you will have your utility & social profile, inventory, tools and portals to your communities within Totem, to transact, play, and grow across the ecosystem.

Xela XR

$CTZN is the currency within XELA XR - you will need it to send your XOiDs on missions, to build your XOiDShip, purchase upgrades, trade with other XOiDs, staking and infinite other use cases.

Users will have opportunities to earn $CTZN through curated and user generated experiences.



  • High-Frequency Obtainability across the physical, digital, and virtual
  • Hold & manage interoperable assets & artifacts
  • Staking artifacts for rewards & access
  • Stake x amount of $CTZN to receive access to exclusive drops.
  • Access to obtainable vault / whitelist drop access and more

Totem Dao

Totem is a social mission. We believe all Citizens should have a voice in the direction of this mission. We believe a well formed DAO provides us with the tools to effectively govern a project, promote activities that bring value to the whole, and incentivize innovation and leadership for all members of the community.

We want to create a community that is not only fair and open, but prosperous. Because of this, and the nature of Totem, we thought it best to start decentralizing one branch at a time. This will allow us to find a system that works, and iterate upon it. In this way, we can steadily move towards full decentralization as an ecosystem, and improve upon our infrastructure each step of the way.


  • Stake 5,555 $CTZN tokens for a limited edition (1 / 555) NFT
  • An exclusive NFT “Opal Volume 001”
  • This NFT will provide its holders with forgeability for their very own hardcover copy of OPAL Volume 001.
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